Ursula of Switzerland
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Mother of the Bride DressesUrsula of Switzerland

real women. real dresses. real fit.

Ursula Street & Tea Length Collection

11518 Missy
41518 Womans

11519T Missy
41519T Womans

16062 Missy

11478T Missy
41478T Womans

11478T Missy
41478T Womans

13191 Missy
43191 Womens

11449 Missy
41449 Womans

11381 Missy
41381 Womans

11259 Missy

11259 Missy

13105 Missy
43105 Womans

11287T Missy
41287T Womans

11255t Missy

11248 Missy
41248 Womans

11248 Missy
41248 Womans

13089 Missy

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